Katakoryfo SMPC


Katakoryfo SMPC is a Greek company with international activity in project management, business advisory and marketing services, with specialized expertise in challenging and complex projects involving private companies, organizations, public institutions and the wider public sector.

Active since 2014 in a comprehensive range of innovative and high -quality services,Katakoryfo SMPC uses cutting-edge technological equipment, which is constantly updated in order to meet the challenges of the new era.

The company is located in a modern, functional environment in Voula and the manager is a person with long professional experience in the field and has an overall view of the  market data.

The professionalism, consistency, rigor and efficiency that the company has demonstrated make it a rapidly growing one with great prestige in the area.

A determining factor in the Company's success was the proper organization and the highly trained and experienced staff who occupies. The continuous investment in the development of the subject of the executives of Katakoryfo SMPC was from the first day the key priority in order to serve with responsibility the special needs of its' clients.

Katakoryfo SMPC builds confident and trusting relationships with the clientele of public, offering solutions that create added value, always acting in the light of business objectives of each client with respect to the peculiarities of each project.





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