Funding Proposals


office-1209640_1280In The Consultative Business sector, Katakoryfo SMPC provides through its experienced staff and its network of specialized partners, a wide range of strategic planning services, and develops policy.

We offer comprehensive and responsible support to projects funded by the New Development Law, the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) and the European Union, taking each stage from preparing and submitting the proposal to monitoring project implementation and disbursement of the funding body.

The services relate to individuals who aim at creating new business, to existing companies and to  private or public bodies, planning to expand or modernize and also to Local and Regional Authorities.

Katakoryfo SMPC constantly monitors developments and guides customers reliably and efficiently in the use of appropriate funding opportunities.

In the fields of support are provided:

  • Personalised advice
  • Study οf feasibility and viability
  • Writing a business plan and technical bulletins
  • Proposing financing
  • Management and monitoring project implementation
  • Monitor repayment of the funding body
  • Final report editing



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