Funding Proposals

Project proposal “Metro-Fi”

The proposed project includes research and development of an innovative optical wireless communication network for data transmission within tunnels in underground railway networks in order to provide high-speed connectivity on the move. Metro-Fi will mark the first deployment of LiFi technology in underground railway infrastructure offering for the first time globally, broadband internet connection in…

Project proposal “FeelMe”

FeelMe is expected to enhance the accessibility of people with partial or total vision loss in cultural places, upgrading the quality of museum and monumental services. The main goal of developing and implementing this software is to create tactile reproductions of pieces of art or monuments that are part of an archaeological site or museum…

Project Proposal “RoadSENSE”

The proposed industrial research project aims to the development of an integrated software & hardware system for the automated detection of incidents and risks in the national road network. RoadSENSE is expected to significantly improve the safety of our country's road networks through early warning of road incidents but also through forecasting accidents in their…


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