Consulting – Project Management


The company provides integrated project management services by adopting international best practices in management project in order to meet the specific requirements of each project and to achieve the targets within the agreed timeframe and the financial programming, in accordance with established quality standards.

The valuable expertise and experience of our specialized executives in demanding projects and the use of all modern tools and techniques, can fully meet the project planning and management needs of any type and scale (private projects, civil engineering, international projects).
In administrative project support are included the following services that may be offered either in part or in whole, to foster implementation and to project promoters:

  • Detailed project planning
  • Economic planning
  • Scheduling
  • Project evaluation
  • Feasibility study and evaluation
  • Control of expenditure eligibility
  • Organization of project execution
  • Consulting services to client
  • Organizing stakeholder
  • Coordination of technical project management
  • Management supply
  • Monitoring and supervision work
  • Coordinate meetings and communication involved
  • Technical and scientific support
  • Preparing and submitting monthly progress reports and relevant reports
  • Checking quality deliverables




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