Diffusion – Promotion


shutterstock_52238932The management of communicatial and promotional needs of Katakoryfo's SMPC customers is achieve in a holistic way as integrated communication models are applied and all the traditional and modern information dissemination channelsare exploited.

Our creative department in cooperation with our experienced partners in the field of Integrated Marketing, provides full support to projection and promotion, designing and developing a suitable communication strategy and implementing the corresponding actions ATL, BTL and online marketing.

In conjunction with the following offered  services, planning and  production of the corresponding audiovisual material and aesthetic quality are provided, by using leading technology equipment.

Above The Line effects

  • Production of television advertising
  • Production of radio spots
  • Advertisements in newspapers and online
  • Outdoor advertising and advertising on public means

Below The Line effects

  • Organization of exhibitions
  • Exhibition view
  • Implementation of artistic happening
  • Direct Mail

Online marketing

  • Creation of websites
  • Search Engine Marketing (google adwords-search network)
  • Display advertising (google adwords-display network, facebook campaigns)
  • Social media marketing (content marketing)
  • Email campaigns



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